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done extensive work with law enforcement, with the lapd and the los angeles county sheriff's. i am here to tell you that crime has been driven down in los angeles because of their efforts, but not only because of their efforts. so what does the collaboration look like. i want you to keep some ideas in mind. there is no first among equals. what we learned in los angeles was that oppression alone was not the answer. it did not work. there were record highs in gang violence in 2005. i want to tell you what has happened between 2005 and 2012. number one, the grass roots -- the disorganize, fragmented, passionate grass roots must be part of this. the community members who go to county supervisors meetings, the members who pass out fliers, the youths who have been in the juvenile justice system that are now part of the coalition -- those individuals must have a seat at the table. no. 2. community-based organizations. that operate on a shoestring and often without any kind of coverage anywhere. they must be legitimized and made part of the conversation. i have witnessed this with homeboy indus
, they often resemble los angeles. and with as many as 48,000 new jobs on the way, streets and freeways could turn into parking lots. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez on the ideas being kicked around to prevent that gridlock. >> i don't even take the freeway anymore because it's so bad. >> yeah, mostly ride to work, there's a lot of bad traffic. >> it's pretty ugly stop and go traffic. actually it's a hell of a lot more stops than go in a lot of cases. >>> reporter: they are talking about getting to work in mountain view's north shore line area. the home turf of google and other fast growing high-tech companies wedged between the bay and 101 with only two roads into the area, it's now stacking up as one of the worst commutes in silicon valley. city council member laura masias says it could be getting worse. >> we could expect as many as 30,000 more people. that has not been approved so we need to plan for it carefully. >> reporter: that would nearly double the number now work in the area. >> i commute 7 miles and it takes me 30 to 35 minutes to get here. >> reporter: but window installer bill parks
centro de convenciones de los angeles podrÁn votar en la elecciÓn del 6 de noviembre si lo desean. esto gracias una excepciÓn que no habla norma roque de los angeles. >>> yolanda 9.000 inmigrantes lograron hoy un sueÑo. >>> me siento muy orgullosa porque ahora ya tenemos otra voz mÁs. >>> orgullosa. >>> pero al ble gar a su al llegar a su jura men tags se encontraron con la grata sorpresa. >>> estoy emocionada porque puede registrarme para votar y estaba triste, porque hace 2 dÍas pensÉ que ya no podÍa. >>> porque aunque la fecha lÍmite para registrarse y votar el 6 de noviembre, fue el 22 de octubre. lograron algo especial para los que se estÁn convirtiendo en ciudadanos. >>> els muy de inmigrantes llenaban el formulario de registros, para entregarlo despuÉs en la of de votantes. >>> quiero comenzar a votar en las elecciones presidenciales. >>> los nuevos ciudadanos no registrado hoy tienen el mismo dÍa de las elecciones para hacerlo con esta condiciÓn >>> tienen que ir al registro de votantes y tambiÉn para registrarse, al registro de votantes con los mismos comprobantes.
not purchased these on the street. >> this man came from los angeles. but he was not alone. this man was at the giants ticket service counter. >> it looks like they sold them on the stub hub and made a copy. >> $250. >> he was here from burbank and a pretty two different? >> and not by a paper ticket. and i'd buy these and los angeles of the time but it is kind of difficult. >> i came this morning i was at the box office. and i said do you have tickets. and he purchased them from a scalper. he looked like a regular guy. he just lost $500. >> i'm going to kill this guy. >> and this couple it was $2,000. when ticket was good and one ticket was bad. and somebody has already scanned it. however, there is a fairy tale ending. >> we can get a full return refund. but let us try this again at the will refund our tickets because of this mistake and they gave us our tickets back anyway. >> and they let them and for free. but i do not think that a skelter would have offered that. i cannot think a -- skelter would offer that service. a scalper would have not offered that. >>jacqueline: take a lo
sentencing when he broke out and started his trek north. he's also accused of shooting at a los angeles county deputy. >>> six were hurt in an overnight in san francisco. this morning they are in stable condition. the crash happened shortly before 10:00 last night on 18th and pennsylvania in the city's potrero hill neighborhood. the vehicle rolled over and ended up on 280. it closed one southbound lane of 280 and the mariposa off-ramp for a time but has cleared. >>> occupy oakland protesters plan to march on to frank ogawa plaza it was a year ago today police tore down their encampment, prompting violent clashes. 100 were arrested. today occupiers will does in all black and take over the plaza at noon followed by a march tonight at 7:00. police will let them go as long as it stays peaceful. >> criminal acts are not protected under the first amendment. our goal is to have a peaceful, successful event. >> what has happened in the past, obviously we all regret. but we are moving forward. >> city leaders say the plaza is the centerpiece of the downtown reviolate the mayor says they plan to
. it is 1989 and you are now working in los angeles. after being a patrol officer for just a few months, you are placed on gang detail. you have arrested a youth. instead of taking him to jail, you taken to his mother. the mother says, can you make him more afraid of you that of the gang members? the academy does not prepare you for that. i take that experience and i realized in the gang environment, most of these youths are coming from single- family households. in the area where the gang violence is most prevalent, great citizens of the community, 99% of those citizens are afraid. as a prosecutor, i take this experience and figure out how i want to enforce gang violence, especially in san francisco. i break it down into three categories. you have the individual who is not fully immersed in the gang lifestyle. he is just an associate comment just hanging out. -- associates, just hanging out. for that individual, we try to work with community-based programs. i've met with dcyf, the african- american steering committee, people haven't been in this violence and i say to them, what can -- peopl
tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis smiley. tonight, a look at the issue of health care in american urban environments as told in of this year's most acclaimed documentaries, "the waiting room." peter nicks decided to chronicle the daily workings of an oakland emergency room, creating a stark picture of what 24 hours is like in an inner-city pr -- e.r. we are glad you have joined us. a conversation with peter nicks coming up right now. >> there is a saying that dr. king had that said there is always the right time to do the right thing. i just try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only halfway to completely eliminate hunger, and we have a lot of work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: the issue of health care has been a constant conversation in this country over the past few years, amplified during this campaign season. behind the politics of health care is the reality
can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles. presented by kcet, los angeles. hi, neighbor! my grandpere is coming over to visit for thank you day. yay! and then we're going to have a thank you day party! thank you for coming over to play today. i'll be right back. is made possible in part by... the richard king mellon foundation. dedicated for over sixty years to south western pennsylvania's quality of life, and competitive future. and by these pittsburg foundations. working together to enhance and enrich the lives of children for more than seventy-five years. and by the arthur vining davis foundations. dedicated to strengthening america's future through education. adcasting, dedicated to strengthening america's future and contributions to your pbs station, from viewers like you. and contributions in the neighborhood ♪ ♪ a beautiful day for a neighbor ♪ ♪ would you be mine? ♪ could you be mine? ♪ won't you be my neighbor? - ♪ it's daniel tiger's neighborhood ♪ ♪ a land of make-believe ♪ won't you ride along with me? ♪ - ♪ ride
by the district attorney from los angeles county, steve cooley, a republican and tough on crime and one of the leading proponents of the death penalty in california. and the naacp legal defense fund, one of the most progressive supports organizations in the country. between some professors at stanford, steve cooley's office in los angeles, and in the naacp legal defense fund, we crafted prop 36. i think it keeps the core of the three strikes law, life sentences for violent crimes -- we're not changing that. but it eliminates life sentences for nine series, nonviolent crimes. >> grover norquist supports it? >> he does. so does george shultz. and other leading republicans throughout california and the country because i think they realize first of all it is a waste of money, proposition 36 will save california over $100 million every year. but even more important, it is just down effective government policy. it is not effective public safety. >> i want to turn to those who argue in favor of the three strikes law. this is california state senator tom harman speaking to the new york times ma
technical problems out in los angeles so we have switched over to the telephone for you. despite the coverage this man got, his daughter read him only two newspaper articles, she red him the story from the idaho statesman and "los angeles times." those are the two big newspapers in the two states where he was sent to japanese internment camps. the reason he volunteered for the military was to show loyalty. he served in military intelligence interrogating japanese prisoners of war. here is frank before getting the congressional gold medal. >> i wanted to do my part to prove that i was not an enemy or that none of us were. that we were true americans and we ever got the chances, we would do our best to serve our country and we did. >> and they did. the congressional gold medal was given to all of those who served in his regiment, mostly japanese americans, shep. >> shepard: trace gallagher live in los angeles. there is a custody battle over a dog and it's heading to court. coming to court as fox reports live tonight, the fight over the well-being of this one. ♪ leaving my homelan
los angeles to purchase tickets, but they were counterfeit. >> this man has a similar problem. >> it looks like the guy that sold me the tickets sold them on stub hub yesterday and then made another cost. >> the loss? >> two 50 $250. >> what would you do different next time? >> not buy paper tickets. i buy these in la all the time, it's not a problem. >> where did you get the tickets? >> i came this morning, i was at the box office. i said you got any extra ticket instbs he said, yeah -- ticket, he said, yeah, i got two extra. >> yes, he bought them from a scalper. >> he looked like a regular guy. >> he seemed pretty calm. this couple bought their tickets off stub hub. >> $2,000. >> one ticket was good, and one was bad. >> someone already scanned, and he's at the ball park. >> i'm not going to go without him, obviously. >> but there is a good story. snoop we get a full refund, we go inside. they refunded our tickets because of the fakes , and they gave us our tickets back anyway. >> and let them in for free. see? i deliver . you can bet a scalper will never offer that servi
rape and pregnancy. wyatt andrews is on the story. and ben tracy in los angeles with an american hero. for him, there's no place like this home. >> you just push down and the cabinets come down. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. another patient injected with a tainted steroid has died of tiningitis. more than 300 cases have now been reported in 17 states and the centers for disease control says the outbreak is spreading. federal and state officials have s ened an investigations into new england compounding center, the pharmacy that's believed to veve shipped thousands of vials of a steroid that's used in clinics to treat pain. a many cases, the drug was contaminated with a deadly fungus which one investigator said was visible to the naked eye in some of the vials. we asked jim axelrod to find out more about the pharmacy known as n.e.c.c. >> reporter: state officials cceived a complaint last march bout the company that produced these tainted steroids. but health officials in assachusetts tell us they conducted what's
to blow up los angeles international airport will spend 37 years in prison. authorities arrested him in 1999. they say he drove a car full of plochlsives and was arrested in seattle. prosecutors said if he had carried out his mission, hundreds and maybe thousands of people would have died. the jents was a result of a lengthy appeal pros ses. >> tonight the caribbean getting pounded and residents are preparing for hurricane sandy. the storm made land fall in jamaica this afternoon. the airports are closed, cruise ships cancelled stops. a woman was swept away in river water in haiti. the storm headed for cuba now with projected path towards eastern u.s.. officials believe koit hit between va skpra maine by the end of the weekend. >> if you're undecided on how to vote on prop 32 next month it's probably because you're getting mixed messages bit. supporters say it will change the way business is done. critics is a it targets the influence of the state labor union. tonight nannette miranda sorts it out for you. >> capitol hallways are always jam packed with lobbyists before a vote. a repo
. 79. 82 in los angeles, sunny. >>> let's check your national forecast. tropical storm alerts are up along the east coast of florida as hurricane sandy moves towards the bahamas. sunny, warm and dry in the deep south and mid-atlantic states. showers and thunderstorms will extend from eastern kansas to the great lakes. rain could change from snow to eastern nebraska. the southwest and pacific northwest will be seasonal. >>> new research suggests aspirin can help fight colon cancer. patients with the gene mutation who regularly took aspirin lived longer than those that didn't. the study also said it made no dmifr difference in patients that had didn't have the mutation >>> microsoft revealed windows 8, designed to run on p.c.s, tablets and smart phones. nut operating system is a radical remake of windows, the biggest in 17 years. it comes at a time when microsoft needs to show it has the technological expertise to be a major player in the future of computing. >>> an optimistic report from china on fuel stocks in asia. tokyo's nikkei rose more than 1% hitting a four-week closing high ha
that they often represent los angeles. a triangle of gridlock in mountain view boarded lie highway 101, amphitheater parkway, and north shoreline. len ramirez on the idea to prevent roads from turning into parking lots. >> i don't even take the freeway anymore. it's so bad. >> mostly on the way to work, there's a lot of bad traffic. >> it's pretty ugly. stop and go. >> it's a hell of a lot more stop than go. >> reporter: they're talking about getting to mountain view's north shoreline area. with only two roads into the area, now stacking up is one of the worst commutes in silicon valley. and laura messia says it could be getting worse. >> we could expect as many as 30,000 more people that have not been approved. so we need to plan for it carefully. >> reporter: his building was just sold to a high-tech company, and he'll be moving out. the new wave of projects has residents looking at a range of options, more shuttle buses, park and ride lots, and people-movers. building high-density worker housing is off the table due to the impact on wildlife. >> the pressures on wildlife would be s
last night -- not in berlin but i los angeles. "cloud atlas," starring halle berry adn tom -- and tom hanks, who were both at the premiere. our correspondent takes us on a great journey. >> the film takes its audience on a fantastic journey that stretches over three continents and 500 years. "cloud atlas" is 65 stories in six different from us from -- different genres from period drama to science fiction. the play different roles transforming from the hero to the villain and back again. a film this ambitious needed more than just one director. there were three. the sibling creators of the "matrix" films and a german director. together, they adapted david mitchell's novel, thought to be unfilmable. the producer or originally wanted to make the film together with a hollywood studio, but things turned out differently. >> the biggest problem we had was during the world wide economic crisis, and no studio wanted to make this film for $180 million or $200 million, so we came up with the idea of how we could finance it for about $100 million in the old- fashioned way we have developed in eur
elements of sfpark and implement it in the cities. los angeles is working on it. berkeley is working on a project. washington, d.c. is, too. cities are looking at parking management differently than the have in the past. >> later this year, we are gathering all the data we need to evaluate rigorously all our expectations of how this can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, congestion, improve transit speed, reliability, reduc. [applause] >> good evening. i'm the director of transportation. for me, this is not the academy awards. this is the all-star game. the folks sitting over here are truly the all stars of the city. i've had an opportunity to work with ed, harlan, and jocelyn. behalf of all of us. we are also very lucky to have a bunch of people from sfmta, many of them are here. my job is to introduce the awardees. please join me and give a hand for jay primus, george reynolds, steven lee, and lorraine fuqua. >> thank you. this is a tremendous honor. it really does feel fabulous to be recognized. one of the relief fund things about this project is that it is just complex e
, making stops in iowa, colorado, and denver and the stop in los angeles for the tonight show with jay leno. mitt romney was in we know -- in reno. >> thuis race is ro -- this race is too close to call. coming out of the debates, it is a toss up for either candidate. >> new polls from several key battleground states, including virginia and ohio, show the race been a virtual tie. donald trump's bombshell turned out to be another event to get the president to release his college records and passport document. donald trump would write a check. -- when the documents are released. his deadline is october 31. this is the second time he's asked the president to publicize this kind of inflation. last year he was seen as the leader of the birther movement and the question where the president was born. >> what has happened to a missing page from some absentee ballots? the maryland board of elections confirm today that more than a dozen absentee ballots from prince george's and montgomery counties are missing the second page. that page includes the referendum questions 4-37 -- 4 through 7. boaters to
" esta asistencia se extiende tambien a consulados mexicanos en otras ciudades como los angeles, sacramento, austin y santa ana.. la policia de dos jurisdiccio nes se encuentra en la busqueda de un sospechoso... se trata de un hombre que podria ser responsable de varios ataques sexuales en contra de seis mujeres de la gion...claudia uceda nos tiene mas detalles.. aun no lo capturan...y habria vuelto a manosear a otra mujer el viernes pasado... esta vez la victima fue una mujer empujando un coche..."es una pr realmente es una cosa extrana." a principios de octubre se reportaron que 6 mujeres fueron manoseadas en este barrio de fairfax.... esta hispana nos cuenta como le tocaron los pechos... "me agarro por detras y asi me vino a manosear los pechos, yo pase como dos dias que me dolian mis pechos." pero despues de varias semanas, el sujeto descrito como un hispano, habria vuelto a atacar, esta vez le toco las nalgas a una mujer en este barrio de falls church entre la avenida south maple y la calle south gibson donde viven muchos inmigrantes bolivianos. ...sin un arresto la polic
can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet los angeles.
"right this minute" from los angeles. first of all, how does it feel to be the breakout star? >> i'm supposed to be in one episode for a crazy reason they put me in for. supposed to do one room and they did 11. i just had fun doing my house. >> when he said, $17,000 on accessory, did you just crap your pants? >> my pocketbook, i mean, i have to get a second job. i spent over $300,000, and then he came to me for the $17,000, and i was like, [ bleep ] you, i'm not -- [ laughter ] >> he now wants knee me to do n season and the outside. unless you've got some money i'm not doing it. >> what is it about your personality that people just love. >> it's actually not my personality. it's my purse. >> the bathroom had one really interesting picture, right over the bathtub. i hear that might be your husband taking a bath? tell me the story behind that. >> i mean, gary is a bath boy. i mean, he pampers himself. me, i get in the shower, i'm out in three minutes. he has to have the bubbles -- >> most importantly, it's halloween time. we want to know about this ghost. has the ghost been back? >>
. >> it is my fault i should not have purchased these from the street. >> this guy from los angeles purchase counterfeit tickets up the street. however he was not alone. and also this man had a similar problem. >> it looks like the stthis-it looks like the sold these and i have lost at least $250. he even purchase these of stub hub. >> and i'm not going to purchase paper tickets it is not a problem. but it is difficult. >> where did he get the tickets? >> i came to the box office and i asked if they had any extra? >> and yes he purchased his tickets from a scalper he did not look like a sculptor he looked like a regular guy. he looked regul he seemed like a pretty, but i'm going to kill him -- when i find him. however these people our total was $2,000 from stub hub. however, one of the tickets was good and one of the tickets was bad. there is a fairy tale ending. >> we get a full and come-we give a full--refund. the refunded because of the mistakes and they gave this our tickets back and let them in for free. you can bet a skelter would not offer that type of servi servic. that is from at&t
from lisa ferguson out in los angeles. hi lisa. good morning. >> hey bill. good morning everyone. john mccain is unendorsing richard mourdock. the indiana senate candidate is underfire this week for calling rape pregnancies an intentional gift from god. coincidentally, mourdock is the only senate candidate mitt romney has endorse and cut an ad for this season. he just released the ad in support of mourdock monday and the rape comments came tuesday night. mccain said he will no longer support mourdock unless he apologizes for those remarks but most republicans are staying in mourdock's corner. santorum is saying it is gotcha politics and romney says while he does not agree with his statements, he supports him for senate. >>> president obama discussed the issue yesterday in an interview with jay leno. the interview was not all serious. the two took a lighter tone when discussing donald trump. >> what's this thing with trump and you? it's like me and letterman. what's he got against you? >> obama: you know
that includes a jail break in san bernardino county and shooting a sheriff's deputy in los angeles. an extradition warrant was filed yesterday seeking to have them returned to california. >>> cal-osha is looking into the death of a mechanic in a crane accident at the port of oakland. the 52-year-old man was crushed yesterday morning as he was inspecting the crane. cal sheesh says the victim suffered from head and chest injuries and later died at a hospital. >>> a suspect is dead after an officer-involved shooting up in lake county yesterday afternoon along highway 29. a female chp officer pulled over a man in a stolen vehicle. the d.a.'s office says it appears the officer shot the man after he attacked her and tried to take her gun away. investigators say the suspect tried to drive off but crashed the car shortly thereafter. they say he had warrants out for his arrest. >>> today "occupy" protestors plan to return to the plaza where oakland police closed their camp just a year ago today. a rally is now plan at city hall at noon today to market anniversary. a march planned later toni
-year-old jessica ridgeway. abc's brandi hitt in los angeles with details. good morning. >> reporter: jessica ridgeway's family tells abc news they're glad an arrest was made. now they pray justice will prevail. the break in the jessica ridgeway murder case. the 10-year-old's family has been waiting for. >> we have made an arrest in the jessica ridgeway case. 17-year-old austin sigg is in our custody. >> reporter: austin sigg a community college student arrested wednesday morning at this a home near ketner lake not far from where jessica's body was found earlier this month. she vanished on october 5th while walking to school. >> we're all worn out, everybody in the family is worn to a frazzle. >> reporter: jessica's family watched for three weeks as police searched for evidence in nearby fields and parks. detectives say it was a phone call that led them to sigg. they're thoroughly searching his home and impounded this vehicle. >> we hope and pray that this arrest gives them some measure of closure. >> reporter: investigators are linking sigg to an attempted abduction five month as go
metapan recibe al galaxy de los angeles. por la copa sudamericana en los octavos de final, gremio de porto alegre derroto 2-1 al barcelona de guayaquil y logro su clasificacion a los cuartos de final, al tiempo que sao paulo de local empataba 0-0 con liga de loja dandole la clasificacion al equipo brasileño.el atletico goianiense derroto 3-1 a la univerdad de catolica, pero no le alcanzo porque los chilenos anotados mas goles y de local lo que les dio la clasificacion. para hoy; tigre recibe al deportivo quito, emelec a la universidad de chile y liverpool de montevideo recibe al independiente de argentina. hasta aqui los deportes, tendremos mas esta noche solo alas pausa, pero ya regresamos con mas informacion....
to market. founder ricky smith has three mini farms tucked around los angeles. >> there's so much unused land, so much undervalued human assets, as well as land assets in our cities that urban agriculture can definitely create a new sector in the farming industry. >> reporter: at ucla this week, seedstock.com brought together investors, companies like whole foods and so-called agrapreneurs to to form start-ups. >> in the initial stage $500,000 to $1 million. >> whole foods market has given out over $8 million since 2007 in local loans throughout country. >> there is margin to be had in go organics. >> reporter: michael dell's brother adam was also attending. it felt like a tech start of pc things but with farming you need a little bit of a longer view. >> indeed you do. >>> sew ma mseema mody joins us. >> biogen, an eps of $1.91. it now expects the 2012 earnings ever $6.40 to $6.50 a share. stock up better than 2%. >>> speaking of earnings, nearly half of the s&p 500 companies have reported their earnings. we're analyzing the numbers on fulty group, procter & gamble and hershey next. >>>
. president obama going on "the tonight show" in los angeles , then to nevada for a late, late night rally. and then an air force red-eye to florida where he starts tomorrow's push in the swing states. live from washington, i'm steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. raj, back to you. >> steve, thank you. >>> on the eve of the occupy oakland anniversary, the president has promoted 13 of its officers, giving them more responsibilities. oakland's police chief and city leaders presented the new sergeants, captains, and lieutenants with their badges as their friends and family looked on. the newly promoted officers will take on supervisor roles. city leaders acknowledge the promotions come at a difficult time for the department as they face a possible takeover and gears up for what could be another round of major demonstrations tomorrow. >> i think there is no doubt that this is a challenging time for the city and the oakland police department. but today is a remarkable day. it's about celebrating the professionals of the police department and all of the work that they do for the city and their c
-nighter, no sleep. >> reporter: from washington, d.c., to davenport, iowa, to denver, colorado, next he heads to los angeles to tape jay leno followed by a night rally with katy perry. the president overnights at 30,000 feet. logging more than 4500 flight miles total in just one day. romney has been trying to convince voters in the same basic eight battleground states that he has momentum. >> these debates have supercharged our campaign. no question about it. we're seeing more and more enthusiasm. more and more support. >> but so far the momentum that romney has described hasn't been enough to trump the simple math of this race. that even though polls show the race for popular vote may be a dead heat, the electoral map is in the president's favor. take a look. if the president picks up just three battlegrounds, ohio, iowa and wisconsin, he wins. what's more, he's also ahead in battlegrounds of iowa and new hampshire. now, look at romney, these are traditionally republican states, the ones he's expected to keep, he's also slightly ahead in battleground states of colorado, nevada, but even if he wins
reminder, i'm heading out west in los angeles to appear on realtime with bill maher. that's friday at 10:00 p.m. eastern on hbo. i'll have my view on what mitt romney needs to say later on in the show. (vo) brought to you by courtyard. (vo) answer in a moment. (vo) brought to you by courtyard. now find the most hard core driver in america. that guy, put him in it. what's this? [ male announcer ] tell him he's about to find out. you're about to find out. [ male announcer ] test it. highlight the european chassis 6 speed manual, dual exhaust wide stance, clean lines have him floor it, spin it punch it, drift it put it through its paces is he happy? oh ya, he's happy! [ male announcer ] and that's how you test your car for fun. easy. >> eliot: republicans love screaming that president obama some how won't let american companies pump oil. that is so blatantly false. that it brings us to the number of the day. one. that's where we're heading. the world as number one producer of oil. we've also passed russia to become the second- largest producer. we could surpass saudi ar
page. >>> a man convicted of plotting to blow up los angeles international airport on the last day of 1999 was sentenced today. the terror ris was sentenced to 37 years in prison and five years of supervised release. known as the my len yum bomber was convicted of conspiracy and carrying explosives. today's sentence si is the third in this case after an apeels court ruled the previous two were too short. >>> they will examine the surf board of a southern california man who was killed by a shark while surfing off santa barbara yesterday. he died after he was pulled out of the water at the air force base. expert says the shark that killed was most likely a great white and could have been up to 15 feet long. a 19-year-old body border was killed in the same waters two years ago. >>> well, grand canyon without ever leaving your house, how a popular web site is making that possible. >>> also the sierra is seeing white. what yow need to know if yow're heading to tahoe. >>> this week's cool weather is about to head in the other direction. meteorologist up next with the warmup heading our w
in a cris "csi" student competition. >>> a manhunt currently under way near los angeles after a pair of shootings left three people dead and two others injured. the victims are believed to be members of the same family. three were shot at the family owned fire extinguisher business in the city of downey. and the others at a nearby home. the survivors did not recognize the gunman and he does not appear to be a
entity claiming losses actually caused by the economic downtowrn. >>> los angeles police are searching for a california man accused of a million-dollar heist at a casino. but there is a catch on what the thief didn't know that makes the stolen loot worthless. >> reporter: these surveillance pictures allegedly show the thief as he walked through the venetian casino and snuck into a closed-off area usually reserved for high rollers. >> he managed to pry open the lock on the chip container. >> reporter: the man vanished with his $1.6 million haul, because at that early hour, 6 a.m. on october 10, no one was using the room. police say the suspect is 31- year-old akingide cole, who has a mohawk-style haircut and a large growth on his left ear. he's from palmdale, california. >> he's been looking for work for months, and he hasn't been successful with it. >> even though people get away with some of this stuff sometimes initially, it's very difficult to take it through to conclusion. >> reporter: it's the most recent in a string of attempts to chip away at house money. michael belltan was one
-income in los angeles as to where these parks are that are still left outstanding, the 14 you mentioned. are they in neighborhoods we should be concerned about or are they all over the city? >> so, what is really nice about what the city services auditor has done, the report card they do for parks and streets extends to one page, there is a large report that is attached to it. so, what will go through a geographic map and show where those parks are in the case of parks, in the case of streets and sidewalks, similarly for them. as we develop our score card, we could ask specific questions about service and reliability and water quality and supply assurance, earthquake preparedness by neighborhood as examples if that would be helpful. >> can i get a copy of that raoerth? >> yes. * report for the viewing public, both the reports for streets and parks are at the controller's website. >> any questions? commissioner moran. >> thank you very much. this is a policy that's been in the works for sometime. i don't know when we first started talking about it, but it was a year ago. >> yes. >> and
. i think that los angeles county they spent $9,000 per student in public school system. the average cost of private school $6,000. i support the voucher system that allow the parents to put the children in charter schools, private schools, what we cannot escape is that the school system is broken, again, let's ask the senator, why did the senator support, why did the senator oppose legislation that one of his fellow democrats proposed that would remove dangerous teachers that were convicted of crimes from the classroom and from the public roles? i would like to know the answer to that. >> thank you. mr. leno. >> the 47 out of 50 states figure that miss dillan used is not in educational out comes it is in per pupil. we rank 47th. >> as a result we rank 50 as the number of counselors and the number of nurses in our schools and the number of libranias in. you get what you pay for. >> our state has been starved for cash for the past ten years as a result of tax cuts the state could not afford that the prior governor put on the credit cards. we need to provide significantly more funding
. i think los angeles, where i'm from, there was no supervision for misdemeanors by the probation department. those individuals were on court summary probation which meant go home and sin no more. and if you do, you'll be back here to see us. and so, i think that once again, i go back to the fact that under the current system, because we have so many of those individuals who were once incarcerated at the state level, being pushed down to the counties, there's no room at the end in terms of the county jails. so misdemeanors aren't going to be sentenced to county jail but will be sentenced in community service or whatever. and for those individuals who do need some measure of control and supervision to deal about -- deal with their conviction problems, it's not going to happen at the misdemeanor level. >> let me go to a couple of the questions from the audience. i've shared them with our district attorney. george, two questions there, one related to whether or not drug possession should be treated differently for adults than from juveniles. and then a question about back on track, w
lady michelle obama in los angeles and on jimmy kimmel live tonight. mitt romney is on the road holding a campaign event in ohio today. crisscrossing that state. n the in virginia will rallies in .harlottesville and bristol >> new revelations that sniper , 10 years after the sniper shootings, he said he was sexually abused by his accomplice john allen mohammed. he said in happen from when he years old until he was arrested. the felt a sense of shame and that it took years for him to come to terms with the abuse. john allen mohammed was malvoed 2009 and lee boyd sentence. a life >> the school system in montgomery county will consider implementing a later start times for the highs schools after a push from parents. they are skeptical that such a measure would pass. an online petition to push back the 7:25 start time has gathered 6000 signatures so far. 5:06 on this thursday morning, degrees. >> still ahead, local utility companies and homeowners in are not takingas with 13 sandy. are not takingas with 13 sandy. we have a oh, please don't call me "pumpkin." no, that's white chocolate and p
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